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About The Los Angeles Women's Theatre Project


The Los Angeles Women’s Theatre Project (LAWTP), was founded in 2007 by Playwright Dee Jae Cox and Executive Producer/Songwriter Michele Weiss, as a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization in order to address the critical lack of representation that women face in theatre, film and all aspects of the Performing Arts.  The LAWTP is dedicated to the education, support, promotion and production of performance projects that are created by women and are of interest and benefit to women.

The LAWTP was designed to increase opportunities for women in the performing arts, as well as providing educational opportunities and performances that represent women and their perspectives, on a broader scale.

All projects seeking to work with the LAWTP must meet the following requirements:

  • Performing Arts Piece  (i.e. Stage play, solo show, music/comedy presentation or film) 
  • Written  and Directed by women 
  • Project Produced/Spearheaded by a woman
  •  Of interest and benefit to women 
  • Present women in a positive light. (while creative license is acceptable, project can not be demeaning or derogatory to women in general)
  • While there is not a designated limit on the number of cast members a project may have, either male or female, the performance piece must have at least one female in a central, leading role/performance
  • Willing to make good faith efforts to hire women for production positions.

The LAWTP, is not simply a producing entity.  The organization works to educate and support women in their effort to bring live performance pieces to the stage, through networking, referrals, production and promotion.  The LATWP  serves as a home base and launching pad for women who are seeking support in their efforts to bring live performance projects to the stage.  The LAWTP will make resources available to all women who meet the agencies criteria.


A California 501c3 NonProfit Corporation   

Founded 2007