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Writer/Director - Corrine Bot



Writer/Director  - Corrine Bot



Writer/Director  - Dina Jacobsen

Alison waits in a swanky London restaurant. Her date is late. As she lights up another cigarette she sees a familiar face enter the eatery and is clearly stunned. Laura, a striking and confident older woman, decides to join her for a couple of cocktails. Alison struggles to make small-talk. The exchange is awkward and uncomfortable. Alison takes a ride through a roller-coaster of emotions when Laura, propelled by the serendipitous meeting, drops a bombshell and finally gives Alison what she desperately wanted ten years ago: She tells her that she loves her. Before Alison can process this, her lunch date, Sara, arrives and casually drops another: How did Alison know that Laura was her mother? 


Writer/Director - Iyin Landre

    Coming on the heels of all the Prop 8 controversy in California last year, "Homo" explores the world from a different point of view - what if the world was gay and being straight made you minority? The film follows the lives of two heterosexual lovers as they fall in love in a homosexual world, only to be torn apart by society.

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Stage Shorts

GAYBY'S PLAYDATE      by Jan O'Connor            

Directed by Lucki Wheating



Jenna Mayne            Gwen Chafetz

It is Playdate day for the “Under One’s” at a community activity center. Suri and Melissa, two ten-month-old girls who are strangers to one another, have been assigned to the same playpen. Their discovery of vastly different attitudes, opinions and family lifestyles makes for a comic and sometimes harrowing encounter.


Directed by Meredith Scott Lynn


Jessica Graham                     Meredith Scott Lynn

A not-so-chance meeting at Starbucks reunites former lovers Chloe and Lisa.  But how could they have been lovers if Lisa isn’t gay?  A play about labels, acceptance, and following one’s heart.


Directed by Meredith Scott Lynn 


Nina Millin                                      Ryan O'Connor      

"Emily is on a mission!  Her day begins with meditation and a call to her best friend, Trevor, demanding that he bring her a gun..."


Directeed by Caitlin Hart


Lucki Wheating           Jim  O'Brian                              Zoey Sidwel            Molly Leland


Kimberly Turner      Kiera Zoubek         Anu  Kirjavainen

Nina Childress expected that it might be a little stressful to bring her new girlfriend home for Thanksgiving.  What she didn't expect was to find her parents on the brink of divorce, her girlfriend's ex-lover at the dinner table, and her mother starting rehearsals for THE GLASS MENAGERIE.





8:00 - 8:15


The World Premier of the trailer for the new film from

Award Winning Writer/Actress Michelle C. Bonilla.   

Selena and Jane are tangled in a web of desire.  One Struggles to find perfect love, while the other chases gratification  through artificial bliss.  HOW FAR DOES ONE GO BEFORE THEY SIMPLY SLIP AWAY?     Presentation  of trailer by Ms. Bonilla.

8:15 - 9:35

From Award Winning Writer/Director - NICOLE CONN



  With a healthy dose of captivating drama and passionate sex and romance, "Elena Undone" combines the enchantment of falling in love for the first time with the reality and resposibilities of long-term commitments.

Before crossing paths with Peyton, falling for a woman was an unimaginable situation for Elena, a straight wife and mother. The friendship between Peyton, an out lesbian writer, and Elena, the wife of an anti-gay paster who has never experienced true love, transforms swiftly from a one-sided crush into a torrid extramarital affair. Despite their attraction, Peyton, jaded in a number of ways, has strong reservations about becoming involved with a married straight woman; Elena, recognizing that she is caught in a loveless marriage, can barely begin to rationalize the nature and magnitude of her desires.

As their relationship evolves, Elena confronts the choice of leaving her husband or
ending her involvement with Peyton to save her unraveling and unrewarding marriage and return to a drab and automated life. Above all, Elena faces the looming challenge of convincing Peyton that the two women have a bright future together despite their unfavorable circumstances.

Writer/Director Nicole Conn confidently tackles issues of religion, sex, family and commitment in this contemporary story about star-crossed lovers and the walls between them.

9:30 - 10:00 - Q&A with Film maker/CAST

10:00 - 11:30

PLAY IN THE GRAY -  A documentary on the world famous, All female, cabaret style, gender bending performance  troupe... ALL THE KINGS MEN.

From writer/director - Kaitlin Meelia

Play in the Gray is a penetrating, and at times vulnerably raw, portrait of the work, art, and emotional lives of the members of All The Kings Men.

All The Kings Men is a drag and cabaret inspired theater troupe based out of Boston. The troupe intrigues— on stage they perform as old ladies or appear to be women dressed as men or men dressed as women. Their electrifying, award-winning show makes audiences laugh while also questioning themselves and the world. Behind the scenes, Katie, Maria, Julee, Karin, Jill and Leighsa, the members of All the Kings Men, practice hard, spend long hours on the road, and struggle to “make it”—they want All the Kings Men to be a household name.

Play in the Gray trailer, Winter 09 from Planted Seeds Productions on Vimeo.








11:00A - 1:00P



Written and Directed by Teresa Crespo Hartendorp




Written and Directed by Maikiko Fukaya


 Written by Jamie Preyer  - Directed by Jenn Garrison     

        Written and Directed by Jessica Renslow


 A little repression goes a long way...


 PHD candidate and Fulbright Scholar, Farren “Rennie” Ledge, has been living the boho life in Greenwhich Village, but after a three year absence she’s decided to visit her home. In rural Klarmount, Rennie reunites with her childhood friends and goes over the  course of Fourth of July weekend, 1959.  She must relearn a few life lessons in her birthplace to steer her back to her life path.


Film Makers Q&A


1:15 - 2:45

 SHADES  - Written by Paula Joan Caplan Directed by Wendy Girard Alex Corey Trina Parks Michael Beaumier

How do the emotional and political baggage of “good” and “bad” wars (World War II and Vietnam) affect Jerry and his adultdaughter and son, Val and Don? How does Don’s war-caused terminal illnessprovoke long-buried family clashes born of the family members’ personalities and politics? How do war’s enduring consequences and individuals’ needs

and principles shape the developing friendship between Val and June,a Black woman

paralyzed by an exploding grenade near Saigon?Two crises — Don’s imminent death and a crisis of creativity for June, a former poet (Don’s crisis frightening, June’spotentially sublime) ­— galvanize confrontations about connection and distance among the family members and between Val and June.

The play also explores what it means to be American; whether one can be a patriotic American if one does not agree with what one's country is doing; and whether profound differences in deeply-felt political views inevitably tear families and friends apart.


(Desert Hot Springs Carl May Community Center – 11711 W. Drive, Desert Hot Springs, 92240)

1:00 - 4:00Pm



Visual Arts








     ANGELINA AND MEN Shaktima Brien


Any Body Can Enjoy Computers is an easy-to-use teaching manual that makes learning how to master the computer basics clear and simple as it encourages and enlightens. The author is a private Computer Tutor who is responsible for hundreds of people enjoying their computers!

      BEACHWALK/DESERT WALK Audrey Schumacher Moe



Rollie Moon expects nothing more than a tank of gas when he pulls his Saturn into the Flying J truck stop. Instead, he ends up being conscripted to help Orion’s Belt thwart an invasion by Eridanusans. With cultures literally light years apart, Rollie and Silvie (the female Belter assigned to work with him) face a multitude of complications, including their mutual attraction, a henchman, an erstwhile comic book hero who knows a secret about Silvie that even she doesn’t know, a nanovirus, and the imminent demise of Earth. Ultimately, it’s all about the music.

JUST JOAN - A Joan Crawford AppreciationDonna Marie Nowak

Just Joan:  A Joan Crawford Appreciation is the ultimate Joan Crawford Bible, examining Crawford's work, influence, life, and image in meticulous and loving detail through reviews, essays, and more.  Illustrated with over 300 photos, many of them rare and never before in print, Just Joan is the result of over four years of comprehensive research, culled from rare Lincoln Center archives, original magazines and those who knew her.  Crawford is examined as a feminist forerunner, a gay icon, a dynamic artist, and as one of the world's great movie stars.  The many ancedotes and quotes within Just Joan reveal the sassy, indomitable spirit of this actress who grew up in abject poverty with an indifferent family and yet, against unseemly strife and setbacks, rose from the ashes like a phoenix.  Her determination, talent and committed work ethic enabled her to find a career and home with what would be one of the most celebrated and powerful studios in film history, MGM.  Hers is the moving, complex story of the pursuit and realization of the American Dream, part sublime, part nightmare, self-actuated.  With rich detail and devotion, Just Joan bears testament to Crawford's enduring enigma and powerful star.

   PELE’S REALMRoberta Summers

A crime that bears the signature of a murder with a message puts newlyweds Maggie and John Kovak in Jeopardy. They become targets for violence when the Hawaiian Mafia learns that Maggie was a close friend to the victim and may know too much. Pele's Realm is a story that resonates with the heartbeat of the Big Island of Hawaii as John and Maggie discover each other and explore the realm of Madam Pele, the Fire Goddess of the Volcano. Evading Mafia thugs, John and Maggie take you along as they tramp over lava flows, peer down into a live volcano and make love under a secluded waterfall. Based on an actual murder that took place in the early 1970s during a time when Mauna Ulu erupted continually for five years, this book will keep you turning pages. Become immersed in the magic of Hawaii in a story of adventure and romance that gives a peek into the sinister side of Paradise.


SHE’S MY DADIolanthe Woulff

A cautionary tale about the consequences of blind prejudice, SHE’S MY DAD tells the story of a transsexual woman named Nickie Farrell, who, returning to her Northern Virginia alma mater to teach English to a new generation of scholars, is unaware that in the nearby town lives a son from an adulterous love affair she had during her male undergraduate days. As Nickie’s hopes to keep a low profile are dashed by an ambitious lesbian journalism student, a dying reactionary billionaire hatches a scheme to obliterate the despised liberal school with a suicide dirty bomb attack. Local and college people alike become ensnared in a web of bigotry and mistrust, while one long-buried family secret may offer the only hope for everyone’s ultimate deliverance.


On May 8, 1902, Mt. Pelée on the West Indies island of Martinique near the seaport town of St. Pierre erupted in a cloud of gas and fire in one of the most awesome and destructive pyrotechnic displays ever offered by nature.  Four minutes later, 30,000 citizens lay dead or dying and the town engulfed in flames.  “Mother Nature” was not entirely the blame for this disaster.  In truth, the real culprits were the rather more deplorable traits found in “Human Nature.” If not for the dishonesty and corruption of officials who placed politics, greed, and racial intolerance above the welfare of the people – this devastating catastrophe did not have to happen.  The Last Moon provides an insight of those who bore witness to the picturesque and splendor of St. Pierre  at the turn of the century and its formidable inactive volcano, Mt. Pelée, blessed with rich dense jungles and mineral-healing waters.

But behind Mt. Pelée’s innocence is an unpredictable nature—mighty enough to annihilate all life forms—reminding those living and working within its umbra of its supremacy. And true to its nature, this tale conveys the exterior refinement and loveliness that cloaks the interior dark, invisible nature akin to the world of crime and injustice that destroys a vulnerable city.  All fictional characters are composites of the people who lived in Martinique prior to the eruption; others mentioned are actual individuals of the time.  The Creole language, native costumes, diversified lifestyles, ethnic foods, voodoo, witchcraft, floods, earthquakes, tidal waves, lava and mud flows, volcanic eruptions, foreign ships, deadly reptiles and insects, rich topography and sequence of events portrayed in the novel are all genuine and based on fact.  For the first time in more than a century, a highly charged, fast-paced, romantic historical adventure novel has risen out of the ashes to reveal the horrific magnitude of this true story.


The epidemic that swept through England spared young Colleen Edwards but took the lives of her mother and brother. When her father, Captain Charles Edwards, sails home to England, Colleen assumes the identity of her deceased sibling, enabling her to join her father as part of his crew aboard the Betsy Ann. Thus begins Colleen’s raucous life on the high seas. Lady Abigail Hume is the young widowed daughter of the newly appointed governor of the Bahamas. Her new life on this tropical island is anything but paradise, as she rejects the never-ending line of suitors until one day by chance she meets the enigmatic but charming Colleen. Unfortunately, the two have little time to explore their newfound love. Kidnapping and piracy ensues on the small island. Colleen suddenly finds herself captain of the Betsy Ann and must fight for her love as she battles the notorious pirate Jack Rackham, who is in league with the likes of Mary Read and Anne Bonny. Join the adventures of The Sea Captain and the Lady as they battle for love on the high seas.

The Western Chronicles

At the center of this story are two women; one a deadly gunslinger bitter from the injustices of her past, the other a gentle dreamer trying to escape the horrors of the present. Their destinies come together one fateful afternoon when the feared outlaw makes the choice to rescue a young woman in trouble. For her part, Josie Hunter considers the brief encounter at an end once the girl is safe, but Rebecca Cameron has other ideas....


     THE PURPLE GOLF CART  - The Stories of an unconventional Grandma Ronni Sanlo

The true story of a Florida woman who hid her lesbian identity for over 20 years. When she finally came out in 1979, she lost custody of her two young children which thrust her into activism fueled by anger. But it was her irreverent sense of humor that helped her to survive. This is a story of resilience and of passion for social justice. Homelessness, depression, and failed relationships gave way to forgiveness, success, and self‐love. It is one woman’s dance through life from difficult discoveries to sweet reunions. It is the story of the heartfelt joy of an unconventional grandma! 



 Patricia D’Alessandro


by Patricia D'Alessandro, (Snake Ring Spiral Chap Series #8, Rattlesnake Press, Kathy Kieth, Editor/Publisher, Pollock Pines, CA 2007) takes you on a journey of the imagination.  Inspired by French Surrealist and Symbolist poets of the 19th and early 20th Century, it renders a peak at the writer's artwork, as well as "doodles", created after the age of 80, in this age of "anxiety, chaos, and dislocations" giving the reader a pause to smile through it all.  Inspired by her late mentor, Professor Michael Benedikt, who died in 2007, her use of bright colors in the paintings warms the eye, and humor hovers over her "doodles" that compliment the poetry and "prose" poems throughout, and is a delightful collection of this artist's multi-faceted talents. 


by Patricia D'Alessandro (Pacific Copy&Print, Sacramento, CA 2007) is another example of this writer/artist's talents.  Dedicated to the late Professor Stan Rice, former director for the Creative Writing  Master's Program at San Francisco State, also an artist, whose colorful painting graces the cover, and is a collection of the poet's varied life-time experiences, from her earliest poems to her most current anti-war collection.

 PAX VOBISCUM:Anti-War Poetry Collection

by Patricia D'Alessandro (Pacific Copy&Print, Sacramento, CA 2009)  Dedicated to Germany's famous sculptor/artist/pacifist, KATHE KOLLWITZ, this collection has been in process over the lifetime of the poet. Her stand against violence and war has been a part of her life since childhood.

As the ninth sibling in a family of ten, and the sixth daughter of seven daughters, she learned quite early that love is the answer to solving most disagreements, and having been raised in a household of people who loved her, she carries that love forward to everyone she meets.  The stunning etching by KOLLWITZ on the cover is haunting, as are the poems within this book.


(AQUA SOLEIL  Hotel and Mineral Water Spa –  14500 Palm Drive,  Desert Hot Springs, CA 92240)

4:30p - 6:45p


Stage Shorts


WOMAN WITH A BAT - Written by Heather Meyer 


Diana Jordan                      Anu Kirjavainen

Woman with a Bat is a short play that follows the influence of baseball through a woman's life.


CRYSTAL GAZING - Written by Jean Colonomos

Directed by Teresa Crespo Hartendorp

Susan Toney

- where the ego morphs into...a butterfly?


VESSEL OF TEARS - Written by Sheri Flannery Verrilli


Katelyn Ann Clark                           Nina Millin                        Anu Kirjavainen             Jerry Weil

For years, I have been intrigued by stories my grandmother told me about her own mother, Mary – a woman who had been haunted by numerous tragedies in her life, and who had reportedly gone on to haunt others after her death. “Vessel of Tears” revolves around the accidental death of my grandmother’s eight year old brother, Patrick, and tells how her despondent mother finally learned to stop grieving for the little boy she lost.  My grandmother swore this incident really took place. Whether you believe it or not, I hope you experience the same heartfelt chills I did, the first timethis story was told to me.


FOR BETTER...FOR WORSE - Written and Directed by Trish Ostroski


Katelyn Ann Clark         Anu Kirjavainenri

An older woman makes one last final connection with her true love from her youth.  As young adults their paths were separated due to differences, but not by their choice. In her reflection she shares thoughts about decisions and life choices and how society and others can affect  those personal choices.  She passes life lessons learned and imparts wisdom to a new generation.

THE PROMISE - by Joan Anderson & Dorothy Sanders

Directed by Meredith Scott Lynn


Shirley Ross Shapiro         Nina Millin                       Jessica Graham

Rose must convince her aging but defiant mother, Sarah, that it is time to leave her home and move into a retirement center. Sarah’s fear that she will live a miserable life in a nursing home as her sister did, fuels her resistance. Her last hope lies with a promise made to her in the past.  Rose is unaware of the power that promise holds.


OUR PLACE - by Dale Dunn

Directed by Dee Jae Cox


Cheryl Turner      Ruthy Otero                Jerry Weil

A mother and daughter who have both lost their husbands to war finally nab a spot in widows’ housing.  When they discover an interloper in their new apartment, the two women must make a decision about how best to dispatch a threat to their comfort and survival.

BILLIE & HENRY -Written  by Harriett Weiss

Directed by Joan McGillis



Vanda Barra                  Ashley Carr

Billie, an aging movie starlet and her smitten neighbor Henry, a retired movie set builder, make plans to get into the Motion Picture Home, by killing off those ahead of them on the waiting list. 

Playwrights's Q&A






8:00 - 10:00 PM


Grammy Winner and Music Icon, Janis Ian,

performs in concert.

































AQUA SOLEIL Hotel and Mineral Water Spa – 14500 Palm Drive, Desert Hot Springs, CA 92240

11:00 am- 12pm



Janis Ian has given master classes in both conventional and unconventional settings including Berklee College of Music, UCLA, the Chino Correctional Facility, and festivals such as the Philadelphia Folk Festival, Gamble Rogers Festival, Lyons Folk Festival, and Falcon Ridge, to name a few.

Her  presentation includes live performances, her take on the history of music ("From the caveman to syphilis and its effect on the arts") and personal anecdotes based on Ian's three decades of experience as a writer, performer and businessperson, followed by an open-ended "shoot from the hip" Q&A section.

Topics covered include the fundamentals of performing, tricks of the trade, the deconstruction of a song, business do's and don'ts, how to nurture your creativity, what not to do, and much more.

A professional, published singer/ songwriter since the age of 13, Janis Ian has made 22 major-label-release albums and had her songs recorded by an extremely diverse group of artists, including Hugh Masakela, Bette Midler, Chet Atkins, John Mellencamp, Roberta Flack and Cher. In addition to her stellar career in music (9 Grammy nominations and 2 Grammy awards to her credit), Ian trained for a decade under noted acting teacher Stella Adler. She also spent years studying her craft as an artist with Nina Foch, Jose Quintero, and Chao Shao Lin of the Peking Opera company, as well as with Dora Krannig of the Royal Ballet.

Berklee College calls Ian's class "An open-ended, free-wheeling graduate level seminar featuring one of the best live performances we've ever seen. Bring your questions and a hearty appetite for knowledge!"

Says Janis: "I love doing master classes, even though it uses the same amount of time and energy as a regular show. I always encourage presenters and promoters to ask my agent whether it's possible to do one the day after a concert, and we work with them financially to make it feasible. I didn't have much mentoring until my mid-thirties; now I'm trying to utilize what I was taught, and pass it on!"


12:15 - 2:15pm

BURYING AUNT BEULAH   Written by Joni Hilton

Directed by Gina Bikales


Jeanette Lyons               Jack Lyons                     Alden West               Bill Colligan

The phone rings and Janice learns her mother has died.  Again.  For years Beulah’s heart rate has slowed down from time to time and she is rushed to the hospital.  Except she never dies.  This time the facility won’t take her back and she moves in with her adopted daughter, Janice, Janice’s husband Doyle, and Doyle’s aged mother, Fern.  To say Janice’s relationship with her mother is strained, is the understatement of the century. Beulah is feisty, critical, and never misses a chance to zing Janice, the target of her pent up anger and resentment.  Known as hilarious Aunt Beulah to all the cousins, we see the traits that helped her survive life in an orphanage: a quick wit, a sharp tongue, and the ability to lie without a moment’s hesitation.

Janice tries to cope and understand, dictating into a video camera the story of her own life and trying to make sense of it all.  Her own parenting mistakes come into focus and she finally realizes the essential role of forgiveness in life.  Her arc of growth takes her from victim to conqueror, from misery to joy. Near the end we make a surprise discovery about Beulah being sterilized as an orphan in the 1920s, during the ugly chapter of euthanasia in this country at that time.  We also learn that Beulah did something heroic.  And truth, it turns out, changes everything.

2:30 - 3:45

LITTLE SCHOLAR - Written by Lavinia Roberts

Directed by Dee Jae Cox


Jessica Graham       Lucki Wheating   Michele Weiss          Jim O'Brien

Three generations of women, Ruth, her college age daughter, Beth, and Ann, her bitter mother, struggle through economic uncertainly in a small Kansas town.  After tragedy hits the family, the three women learn that they are stronger together than they ever were apart.

4:00p - 5:00p


(Short s)

  Written and Directed by Jenn Garrison

Jesse and Max race through their war torn city to share three minutes together.


CHAINED! -  Written and Directed by Betsy Kalin  

 From Victorian pocket watches to Zoot Suit style to motorcycle necessity, wallet chains have evolved over the years to become more than a trend in lesbian culture. Today, lesbians are the biggest consumers of wallet chains. All ages,all walks of life, butches and femmes, dykes on bikes, and BDSM practitioners – what drives women to wear chains? And why are they so literally attached to them? Chained! takes a sexy, humorous romp through the lives of lesbians who definethemselves by their chains.

-NEW BIKE - Written and Directed by Stephanie Yang 

Love, lust and memory converge in this short tale of a woman's search for the perfect bike.


-IN TWILIGHT’S SHADOW - Written and Directed by TM Scorzafava

     IN TWILIGHT’S SHADOW introduces the adventure of a female immortal caught between two worlds. Unable to exist with the consequences of her choice,
Carlisle Braedon has isolated herself in a suspended state between light
and dark. But when the leader of her Coven takes revenge against the
mortal she loves, Carlisle is summoned to rise and face the creature that
lurks within.

 Film Maker's Q&A

500 - 7:00pm

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(Janis Ian and other featured festival artists will attend)

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